Post image for NOW EXPIRED – Hot Deal from Toshiba 40L5200U 40” LED HDTV – You simply save $170

NOW EXPIRED – Hot Deal from Toshiba 40L5200U 40” LED HDTV – You simply save $170

November 12, 2012

in 40 to 49 LED TV sets

If you want real value for your money on a TV, Toshiba 40L5200 would be one of the best LED TVs you should look for. It provides you finest entertainment with best image quality in a large screen TV setup. Not only that you may don’t want a miss such a great deal from this particular Toshiba LED TV which comes with following features (Why not, also compare this to other 40-49 inch LED TVs on your own),

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Best image quality:

  • Energy-efficient LED backlighting simply offers bright, sharp images as you have never experienced before
  • ClearFrame™ 120Hz technology doubles normal frame rates which is real value addition in fast-action sports and video
  • With the introduction of special gaming mode has enable to reduce frame delays between the display and controller and the introduction of timer gives more control to the parents over their children

One of the best in terms of giant TV screens:

  • This LED TV gives you the best resolution you can get 1080p Full HD
  • The feature DynaLight® Dynamic Backlight Control monitor the brightness of each frame and automatically adjust backlighting, based on what you watch on that particular moment

Superior Sound (The audio technology Audyssey Premium Television™ includes three spcial feature in terms Audyssey EQ®, ABX and Dynamic Volume)

  • Audyssey EQ optimizes the sound quality based on the sounds you get around your environment to make sure that you get the most accurate and best sound quality
  • Audyssey ABX allows you to enjoy deeper bass especially when you are listening to music, movies etc.
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume® make sure to adjust sound levels among TV programs, commercials and movies without the need of your interference

Connectivity options (In total there are five HD connections)

  • 3 HDMI® ports for hooking up external speakers or working with an AV receiver
  • HD PC port to transfer stuff from your laptop
  • ColorStream® HD component connection
  • USB port for enjoying slideshows, photos and music from a USB stick

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