TOP 3 60 – 69 inch LED HDTVs

TOP 3 60-69

October 28, 2013

in 60 - 69 LED TV sets

This is a list of the most popular 60″ – 69″ LED TVs

Where applicable, listed in ascending order of feature-richness. For example, of the listed Samsung LED TVs, the UNF6300 series is most basic and the UNF9000 is the most feature-rich.





UNF6300 series (2013 model) LE550 series (2013 model) KDL-R520 series (2013 model) M series (2013 model)
UNF6400 series (2013 model) LE650 series (2013 model) KDL-R550 series (2013 model) E series (2012 model)
UNF7100 series (2013 model) LE750 series (2013 model) XBR-X850A series (2013 model)
UNF8000 series (2013 model) LE757 series (2013 model) XBR-X900A series (2013 model)
UNF9000 series (2013 model – 4K Ultra HD) LE857 series (2013 model)

These are the TOP 3 LED TVs in the 60 – 69  inch category out of the above!

If price is not a limitation, also check out the UNF8000 series and LE857 series in addition to the 3 models we have reviewed below.

Sharp LC-60LE757U

Sony KDL-60R550A

Samsung UN60F7100

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image
1080p Full HD Resolution
240Hz refresh rate 120Hz refresh rate 240Hz refresh rate
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All of them have Built-in Wi-Fi, web browser, smart TV/apps, HDMI inputs, USB inputs etc. etc.
  • QUATTRON Color Technology: A 1080p LCD TV has approximately 2 million pixels per frame (1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels). Each of these 2 million pixels are made up of 3 sub-pixels which are typically typically red, green, and blue. Sharp’s exclusive Quattron technology adds 2 million yellow sub-pixels utilizing a total of 8 million sub-pixels delivering a more realistic picture with greater detail and higher contrast.
  • Quattron 3D – higher brightness than conventional TV
  • Active 3D – 3D glasses are more expensive than with passive 3D
  • Dual Core Processor – faster load times for apps and the web browser
  • Remote Control APPS (iOS/Android)
  • Web + TV Split Screen – surf the web while you watch TV
  • SmartCentral Smart TV
  • BEAM - Bluetooth transfer of photos, videos, movies from your smartphone/tablet to the TV screen
  • MHL smartphone streaming
  • 2 pairs of Bluetooth 3D Glasses included
  • Optical Picture Control – using a light sensor, automatically adjusts TV brightness for different lighting conditions
  • AquoMotion 480 – doubles the effective refresh rate, further reducing motion blur during fast-moving sports and action movies
  • 2D / 3D Switching – using the 3D glasses
  • 2.1 sounds with built-in sub-woofer 35 watts
  • Enhanced Noise Reduction – enhances image clarity with heightened contrast
  • DLNA Certified
  • Child lock
  • Closed caption support

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  • Sony’s Edge LED Backlighting technology - enhanced contrast and clarity
  • Live Color™ Technology – emphasize vividness of color
  • Passive 3D – 3D glasses are a lot cheaper than with active 3D
  • Dynamic Backlight Control
  • MHL smartphone streaming
  • Miracast Technology
  • Advanced Noise Reduction Algorithm
  • Receiver-Less TV for DIRECTV Customers
  • Motionflow XR 240
  • Channel Block (with password)
  • Parental Control
  • Closed Captions
  • DLNA Content
  • Dolby Digital Plus and 5.1-channel surround out
  • PIP – Picture-in-picture – watch & browse at the same time!

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  • Micro Dimming – enhances LED screen brightness for whiter whites and deeper blacks
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus – watch the entire RGB spectrum
  • 5 panel Smart Hub – TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps and uploaded photos, videos and music
  • S-Recommendation – say “I want to watch an action movie)
  • SMART INTERACTION 2.0 – voice control and gesture control
  • Smart Touch Remote Control – touch pad allows for quick and intuitive navigation
  • Active 3D – 3D glasses are more expensive than with passive 3D
  • Dual Core Processor – faster load times for apps and the web browser
  • Clear Motion Rate of 720 – sharp picture quality without motion blur
  • AllShare - for streaming multimedia content through your home network
  • Eco Sensor – automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the ambient light intensity
  • Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 – SRS TruSurround XT for 3D surround sound through the built-in speakers
  • Smartphone Remote Support
  • Picture-in-Picture – watch two or more programs via inset windows
  • Built-in Digital TV tuner
  • Closed caption support

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