10 Specs of the IDEAL 60″ LED TV

Unfortunately, this ideal TV does not exist… yet! If it was ideal, it would be extremely expensive. All we can do is pick an LED TV that is as close to that hypothetical ideal as possible!. Let’s look at the specs an ideal TV should have.

Feature 60″ – 69″ TV Models
1 Micro/local dimming (micro-dimming can make ALL the difference)
2 Full Array LED back-lighting Full Array (Full array with micro-dimming is the best kind. PERIOD)
3 1080p Resolution 1080p
(it’s still early days for these 4K TVs…may be next year they’ll be better!)
4 240 Hz Refresh Rate 120 Hz
240 Hz (preferred over 120 Hz)
5 100% 5 star user reviews Ain’t gonna happen :) If there are at least 30 reviews and the average rating is over 4.2 out 5, we’ll be all over it!
6 3D compatible Active 3D
Passive 3D
7 Built-in Wi-Fi All these modern LED TVs have Built in Wi-Fi and Smart TV features
8 Smart TV
9 Energy star compliant All of them are!
10 Cheap price tag Relatively Cheap
Not Cheap